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Summer Urban Garden Workshop Series

Summer Urban Garden Workshop Series

From Urban Garden 101 to Organic Disease/Pest Maintenance to Garden Cooking to Bee Keeping, over 50 free, individual urban gardening workshops and field trips are offered through this 5 month series held annually from May to September.

Workshop Locations

  • All Monday workshops are held at: Deanwood Recreation Center (1350 49th Street, NE)
  • All Wednesday workshops are held at: Raymond Recreation Center (3725 10th Street, NW)
  • Occasional field trips and off site visits to various locations.

*Excluding Holidays
*Field trips will occasional take place on a Saturday.
*All classes are metro accessible or transportation will be provided.


To check registration, please visit DPR's Urban Gardens Workshop Series registration page.

Please note that interested participants can attend as many or as few workshops as you like. All workshops are listed individually on the registration page.  All workshops are free, however registration is required.

Each workshop in the summer series must be registered seperately.  Participants are not required to take all classes.

Past 2016 Summer Gardening Schedule

      Please see below, or download & print, the 2016 Summer Gardening Schedule.   

Workshops Date Instructor
Urban Garden 101 April 18 Josh Singer - DPR
Vegetable Maintenance A-Z April 20 Josh Singer - DPR
Garden Calendar April 25 Josh Singer - DPR
Container Gardening April 27 Josh Singer - DPR
Urban Composting May 2 Josh Singer - DPR
Growing for the Market May 4 Gail Taylor - 3-Part Harmony
Growing and Arranging Cut Flowers May 9 Kathy Jentz - Washington Gardener
Starting Seeds, Propogating and 
  Grafting at Home
May 11 Anna Mische John - Horticulturalist
Saturday Workshop: 
       Urban Farm Plans Backyard
           Garden Demo
May 14 (Sat) Urban Farm Plans
Full Week of Food Recovery Events - 
  Schedule Coming Soon
May 15-20 TBA
Garden Plants and Diseases May 23 Christian Melendez - Farmer
Dealing with Deer & Other Mammal
  Pests in Your Garden
May 25 Kathy Jentz - Washington Gardener
HOLIDAY May 30  
Medicinal & Edible Herbs Plant Walk
   at Wangari Gardens
June 1 Holly Poole-Kavana
   - Little Red Birds Botanicals
Garden Plant Botany June 6 Holly Poole-Kavana
   - Little Red Birds Botanicals
Edible Annuals Workshop
    at Marion Street Garden
June 8 Rebecca Lemos - City Blossoms
Intro to Urban Beekeeping June 13 Toni Burnham - DC Beekeeper Alliance
Creating Critter Proof Cages for 
   your Garden
June 15 Josh Singer - DPR
Saturday Workshop:
     K St Farm Design & Irrigation Workshop
June 18 (Sat) Kate Lee - DC Greens
Rooftop Gardening 101 June 20 Up Top Acres
Intro to Permaculture June 22 Lincoln Smith - Forested
Community Garden Management
    and Best Practices
June 27 Josh Singer - DPR
Native/Invasive Plant ID Walk June 29 Dre Brolis - Urban Farm Plans
HOLIDAY July 4  
Growing and Brewing Hops July 6 Dana McCoskey - Hobby Organic Brewer
Soil Biology 101 July 11 Ben Friton - CanYaLove
Vertical Gardens July 13 Ben Friton - CanYaLove
Harvesting & Cooking from the Garden July 18 Lyssa Houser - Brain Food
Alternative Grain Bread Making July 20 Lyssa Houser - Brain Food
Stormwater Management Strategies July 25 Lee Cain & DOEE Riversmart Homes
Agroecology July 27 Blain Snipstal - Black Dirt Farm
Saturday Workshop:
   Intro to Bukashi at Common Good
      City Farm
July 30 (Sat) Christian Melendez - Farmer
Value Added Class August 1 TBD
Food Justice August 3 Jeremiah Lowery & Brandy Brooks
Garden Season Extensions August 8 Josh Singer - DPR
Cover Crop for Gardens August 10 Andy Clark - UMD
Food Preservation 101 August 15 Wendy Kiang-Spray
Sex in the Garden August 17 Lola Bloom - City Blossoms
Seedsaving 101 at 3-Part Harmony Farm August 22 Ecohermanas & Seed Savers Collective
Food Preservation Recipes Demo August 24 Regina Anderson - Food Recovery Network
Saturday Workshop:
   Gardening with Kids
August 27 Ecohermanas
Intro to Aquaponics August 29 Brian Filipowich - Aquaponics Entrepreneur
Improving Urban Soils with Biosolids August 31 Bill Brower - DC Water
HOLIDAY September 5  
Toolshare Safety Class September 7 Otis Marachaux 
Intro to Spoon Carving September 12 Marty Frye - Casey Trees
Chickens in the City September 14 Kate Mclynn - Teacher
Compost Cooperative Bin Repair Cass September 19 Josh Singer - DPR
Mushroom Growing in the City September 21 Dr. Amen - Purple Mountain Organics
Saturday Workshop:
   Forested Forest Garden Tour & Acorn
       Flour Demo (at Forested)
September 24
Lincoln Smith - Forested
Urban Fruit Tree 101 September 26 Josh Singer - DPR
Community Cider Press and Recipes September 28 Dana McCoskey - Hobby Organic Brewer














































Past Schedules:

Past Class Topics have included:

  • Urban Garden 101: Design and Strategies
  • Garden Vegetable Management A-Z
  • Garden Calendar Planning
  • Edible Annuals Workshop
  • Container Gardening
  • Organic Pest and Disease Maintenance
  • Medicinal and Edible Herbs and Weeds From the Garden
  • Starting Seeds and Propagating at Home
  • Critter Proof Urban Composting
  • Urban Organic Fruit Tree Management
  • Intro to Urban Bee Keeping
  • Garden Cooking
  • Food Justice
  • Garden Season Extensions
  • Backyard Garden Demonstrations
  • Urban Farming Design and Drip Irrigation Demonstration
  • Radix Farm Garden Hand Tool Workshop
  • Soil Biology
  • Vertical Gardens
  • Bang For Your Buck: Gardening on the Cheap
  • Native Bees and Natural Habitat Creation
  • Food Preservation
  • Asian Vegetable Workshop
  • Gardening With Kids
  • Mushroom Growing
  • Stormwater Managerment Strategies
  • Intro to Permaculture
  • Common Good City Farm Garden Design Tour
  • Seed Saving
  • Intro to Home Aquaponics
  • Intro to Biosolids
  • Music and Art in the Garden
  • Large Scale Farm Production Practices
  • Forested Forest Garden Tour and Acorn Harvesting
  • Value Added Series (series of 15-20 minute value added lessons for the garden)
  • Invasive/Native ID Nature Walks
  • Cider Press Workshop: Making cider at home
  • Community Forklift Carpentry Educational Tour
  • Garden Cover Crop Class
  • Garden Juicing
    • and many more!


For more information, please contact:

Josh Singer
Community Garden Specialist
Phone: (202) 262-2138
Email: [email protected]