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Capital Projects Process and Budget

Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) capital projects are managed by DPR's Office of Planning and Capital Projects (OPCP) and focus on new construction and the rehabilitation of existing structures to provide safe, attractive and operable facilities. DPR's general improvements program is aimed at correcting various deficiencies and safety hazards, especially in older facilities. Projects also include replacement of playground equipment, replacement of roofs, resurfacing of play courts, swimming pool improvements, and other major mechanical and facility improvements.

Project Process

Many capital projects have four distinct phases during the project. These projects phases are referenced throughout DPR's Capital Improvement Projects; an overview of each phase is provided below.

  • Planning: The beginning phase of a project. During this phase, DPR works with stakeholders to establish details and specifics of the scope of the project, including what is to be constructed or renovated, and develop a budget. Concepts are developed by DPR, discussed with stakeholders, and consensus is reached. Factors that are considered during this process include, but are not limited to operational efficiency, costs, maintenance concerns and project impact on the community.
  • Design: This phase documents the final and agreed upon concept plans and construction plans and specifications are now developed from the final concept which complies with all applicable regulations and codes.
  • Construction: This phase is the building and construction of the final design plans. Some adjustments or modifications are sometimes necessary during this phase due to site conditions or other circumstances.
  • Complete: Project work has been completed and regulatory inspections have been passed. The completed project is now available for use and enjoyment by District residents.

Capital Budget

DPR's capital improvement projects are funded and guided by the District's Capital Improvements Plan as developed by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO). You can obtain more information about the District's Capital Improvements Plan and DPR's proposed capital budget from the OCFO's website and from The Mayor's Budget for Fiscal Year 2014.