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Community Compost Cooperative Network

Photo Credit Urban Farm Plans

The DC Parks and Recreation (DPR) Community Compost Cooperative Network uses new critter proof and smell proof compost bins designed by Urban Farm Plans to allow trained community members to compost food scraps with garden waste from DPR and partner DPR gardens to responsibly create high quality compost. To join each member must take an hour training and help process compost 1-hour a month.

(Photo Credit for Compost bin: Urban Farm Plans)

Each cooperative can handle around 100 active composters or about 1 ton of material a month. DPR currently has 50 cooperative compost sites with a capacity of 5000 people actively composting or 50 tons of material a month with no operating costs and no carbon footprint. Currently there are more than 1000 people composting around 20 tons a month in this network.

Requirements for Cooperative

1-3 Co-op Manager(s) 

(Can’t start a co-op without at least 1 manager. About 3 hours of work a month)


  1. Train future co-op members (will be trained to do this)
  2. Organize once a month work day
  3. Quality control

Coop Members


  1. Take a 1-hour training
  2. Help process compost 1-hour a month
  3. Provide an active form of communication

How to Join?

Follow the link below to a map of all 50 Compost Cooperative Sites in DC.

Website Link: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1akNdaurEaQvTXMf8ja1v94c3yZI&ll=38.89801498743098%2C-77.01536354999996&z=11

Pick out the nearest co-op and if there’s a manager listed email them to get on the next training. If there’s no manager or if you have any questions email [email protected].