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Eight Wards of Washington DC GeoTrail

In an effort to educate both residents and visiting geocachers about the eight diverse Wards that make up the District of Columbia, DPR has created the EIGHT WARDS OF WASHINGTON, DC GEO TRAIL. The GeoTrail consists of nine caches - eight individual Letterbox Hybrid Caches (one in each Ward) and one Multi-cache (spread across all 8 Wards).

As you navigate through the Wards and discover the geocaches, make sure you bring your family passport and capture the various stamps in it along the journey. Once you have filled your family passport with all nine distinctive stamps, mail your completed passport to the address below to receive your free EIGHT WARDS OF WASHINGTON, DC GEOTRAIL geocoin (only one per family while supplies last).

Each Ward has one Letterbox Hybrid Cache and one stage of this multi-cache for the EIGHT WARDS OF WASHINGTON, DC GEOTRAIL. If you are attempting to complete all nine caches in the GeoTrail, for expediency you may want to start in Ward 1 and find both the Letterbox Hybrid Cache and multi-cache stage that are located in the same Ward, before moving to the other Wards in sequence.

Get your GeoTrail passport, we want you to join in on the hunt!


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