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Department of Parks and Recreation

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Local Parks

DPR manages and maintains hundreds of local parks throughout the District that are designed to accomodate all residents. In fact, there are six (6) different kinds of parks in DPR's inventory. A description of each type of park is provided below the interactive map below.

To find a park near you, use our interactive map below.  

Small Parks
Smaller parks that are less than an acre in size, designed to serve a radius area of ¼ mile. They include triangle parks, circle parks, landscaped medians and areas in cul-de-sacs.

Neighborhood Parks
Informal park settings for recreational purposes and designed to serve a radius area of ½ mile.Typically these parks include any of the following features: recreation centers, athletic fields and courts, playgrounds, splash parks, and picnic areas.

Community Parks
Larger parks that feature structured programs and serve a radius area of 1 mile with connections to bikeways and pathways. Typically these locations are adjacent to a community center that acts as the headquarters for a planned activitied and events. 

District Parks
DPR regional parks are large multiuse park that draw users citywide with vast, continuous spaces that include transportation routes. These parks are ideal for large community gatherings, and typically feature an adjacent recreation center, athletic fields and courts as well as indoor or outdoor pools. Bike paths and hiking trails are also available at these locations.

Natural Resource Areas
Parks that were created as a means to help conserve the District's heritage and naturally occuring features. These areas are ideal for low impact, recreational activities such as hiking and intepretive educational circuits.

Special Use Parks
Parks that provide for highly organized activites that require specific provisions for a singular use. These locations include special features such as golf courses, fountains and plazas, ice skating rinks, skate parks, indoor sports complexes, and campsites.