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Aquatics Admission and Fees

Pool Admission

DC Resident Admission

Admission to DPR pools is free to DC residents. DC residents must obtain a free membership by creating a DPR account. Additionally, a photo ID is required for entry into DPR indoor pools.

Once residents have secured their free membership by setting up a DPR account, they will be able to scan into pools using their smartphones and showing a photo ID.

To get ready to go to the pool, go to on your smartphone and log in to your DPR account. Your bar code allowing pool entry will display on the screen. 

At the aquatic center front desk, there will also be the poster below to scan and access your DPR account. Photo ID is also required to enter DPR pools.


DC Residency

To establish residency, residents must provide valid proof of current District of Columbia residency and a photo ID. Valid documents, as stated by the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), are limited to the following:

  • DC Driver's License or DC Non-Driver Identification Card
  • DC One Card registered with DPR
  • University IDs from American, Catholic, Gallaudet, Georgetown, George Washington, Howard, or Trinity Universities
  • US Department of State Driver's License or Diplomatic ID Card
  • Valid Uniformed Services Military ID Card
  • Veteran's Home ID Card
  • Letter or Card from Court Services, DC Department of Corrections, US Government Probation Office, DC Social Services Agency

Residents without a DC Driver's License may also provide a valid government photo ID and one of the following:

  • Utility bill (water, gas, electric, oil, or cable) with name and address, issued within the last sixty (60) days
  • Telephone bill (no cell phone, wireless or pager bills acceptable) reflecting applicant's name and current address, issued within the last sixty (60) days
  • Deed or settlement agreement
  • Unexpired lease or rental agreement with the name of the applicant listed as the lessee, permitted resident, or renter
  • DC Property Tax bill
  • Unexpired homeowner's insurance policy reflecting name and address

Non-Resident Admission

Non-residents must pay to use a DPR pool. Fees are listed on the Get a Swim Pass page. DPR does not accept cash; payment can be made by credit card, certified check or money order made payable to "DC Treasurer."